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Welcome to our website – IWD GmbH

On our own premises we build technically and qualitatively highly valuable products for the hard and soft foam industry as well as various turned parts.
Moreover, we produce medical rasps and static and dynamic balancing.

product range:

  • milling tools for EPS and XPS processing.

  • various types of profile milling cutters:

    cylindrical shaft cutters
    leadership cutter
    chamfering cutters
    punching cutters
    rounding off cutters
    plate-shaped cutters
    spring cutters
    groove cutters
    Special versions are made at customer’s request.

  • building and toothing of rasps for instrumentation manufacturing as well as the foot wear industry

  • toothing of rasps for endoprosthetic purposes.

  • turning and milling of machinable materials according to customer’s request.

  • static and dynamic balancing of radially symmetrical pieces

  • hand-held units and cutting machines for all sorts of application areas.

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