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M 5010 Gratex

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Pneumatic hand-held unit that eliminates cracked edges of flexible molded foam.

  • Mold parting lines that run in the middle of flat or curved surfaces of molded foam and rib-like hardening are eliminated all at once.

  • The newly constructed cutting curve leads to a long life span. Cracks and breaking of the surface belongs to the past. It allows the hand-held unit to be guided smoothly which then pushes the cracked edge – which is to be eliminated – to the cutting area.

  • A new conception allows handling that is easier compared to older types of this unit.


M 44

 M 20

 M 21

technical data:

rotation speed:

44 000 min -1

20 000 min -1

21 000 min -1

Rated power:

0,22 kW

 0,22 kW

 0,22 kW


0,7 kg

 0,9 kg

 0,8 kg

air consumption:

0,38 m3/min

0,38 m3/min

0,38 m3/min

operating pressure:

6 bar

6 bar

6 bar

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