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Toothing of medical rasps


IWD company is toothing medical rasps with either the conventional pointed tooth or a newly developed tooth form (analytical) bone rasps which are seen as a great improvement by the experts of this sector. Great expertise and know-how was used in the most innovative way in order to develop these rasps.
For this new tooth form, all cutters stand by themselves and they have rather big gaps between one another. While rasping they complement one another to a complete working surface.

This means:
While the prosthetic bed is prepared in the medullary canal the rasped cortex or the cancellous bone is easily transported proximally towards the shaft of the rasp.

In addition to that, the cleaning of the rasps can be conducted without any difficulty.Cracked edges, holes, rill, pointed tooth pits as well as rills caused during the milling process do NOT occur with this new tooth form.

Moreover, the structure of the rasps looks completely different – it can be described somewhat between the conventional rasp toothing (pointed tooth) and the milled version.
The blank version is prepared manually, tooth by tooth.

All important characteristics in a nutshell:

- very sharp cutters

- wide tooth pits without edges

- Rather big gaps between the cutters cause a greater permeability  in the medullary canal during the rasping process.

- easy cleaning

We keep on testing material in order to achieve longer durability time of the tools.To reach optimal quality of the rasp cutters, it is important to select the right material.
Feel free to give us a call, we are happy to help and/or we will make you an exemplary model – free of charge and without any obligation – so that you can assure yourself of the quality of the product.

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